Our Process

The Delivery Group is dedicated to understanding the needs, wants and expectations of our clients. We are committed to delivering a recruitment methodology that is proven to save time, while guarantying quality

  1. 1. Requirements Gathering

    Requirements Gathering

    Confirm Our Client's Needs

    Every successful placement starts with understanding what our clients want. We take the time to learn about your projects and initiatives and align the skills that our clients need.

  2. 2. Recruiting


    Networking & Referrals

    Our team of recruiters are constantly building relationships with the top IT Professionals in order to tap into a trusted referral network.

  3. 3. Screening

    Phone Screens & In-Person Interviews

    Phone Screens & In-Person Interviews

    The Delivery Group takes the guess work out of knowing your IT Professionals. Our in depth screening process gives us the confidence to know we are always delivering top IT Professionals.

    Relevant Employments References & Technical Testing

    Relevant Employment References & Technical Testing

    While conducting technical references, we look to our partners to provide recommendations based on the job the candidates are being submitted to.

  4. 4. Onboarding & Successful Placement

    Onboarding & Successful Placement

    Background Check & Consistent Follow Up

    We know that a placement isn’t successful until a project is completed. The Delivery Group is consistently performing reviews and providing consultant feedback through the life of the project.