The Delivery Group’s process is focused on respect for the client and the consultant in equal measure.

We firmly believe in spending the time upfront to understand the nuances and intricacies of our clients and the project at hand. We are also committed to developing an in-depth understanding of potential candidates to uncover their career needs, wants and expectations. It’s a front-end heavy recruitment methodology that is proven to save time, while guarantying quality.


1. Research 

Every successful placement starts with developing an in-depth understanding of our client’s immediate needs and long term goals. We take the time to discuss the project, and work together to outline a profile of the ideal candidate. 



2. Network 

A major component of The Delivery Group's process is constantly developing it's network of top technical talent. It's more than just connecting - it's building relationships through one on one meetings and The Delivery Group's own series of recurring networking events. 


3. Recruit 

Our seasoned team of recruiters collectively bring over XX year of experience, which translate into countless first degree connections with top quality IT Professionals. Our trusted referral network enables us to uncover the best suited candidates the first time around.


4. screen

The Delivery Group takes the time to meet each and every candidate, in-person or via video conference. It’s important to not only understand their unique skill set and what they can offer to the project, but to also ensure the opportunity meets their professional needs and aspirations. 

Our in-depth screening process gives us the confidence to know we are always delivering top quality matches. 


5. start 

We know that a placement isn’t successful until a project is completed. The Delivery Group is consistently performing reviews and providing consultant feedback through the life of the project.